Vinyl Fences

Picket Fences

Capital Railing Vinyl Classic picket styles feature a 3” picket with wider spacing for a contemporary look.  The pickets are assembled through the rails for a clean look from both sides.  All picket fences have a reinforced bottom rail.


Available Colors: white, tan, adobe, gray, and mocha walnut.

Types of picket fence:

  • Classic straight top
  • Contemporary straight top
  • Classic scalloped top
  • Contemporary scalloped top
  • Pointed or dog ear picket caps

Pool Code Fences


Capital Railing's Vinyl Pool Code fences meet or exceed nearly every building code to create a safe and tasteful boundary around your pool. All of our closed top pool code fence systems feature a reinforced bottom rail and there are three different picket styles to choose from.


Types of pool code fence:

  • 3” Picket
  • 1.5’’ Picket
  • Alternating Picket

Did you know?

Pool Code requirements can vary from the national BOCA (Building Officials and Code Administrators International)  specifications.  Be sure to check your local county or city building codes for verification.


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