The Vinyl Advantage

Engineered to last, our vinyl products feature weather resistant vinyl construction:

  • Won't corrode, peel, flake or discolor like other fence materials
  • Virtually maintenance-free. No painting, scraping sanding or replacing warped or rotted sections
  • Ideal for all climates - won't corrode, peel, flake or discolor
  • Easy to clean
  • Impervious to insect damage
  • Safe, Strong and Durable
    • Safe for animals
    • Easy to install
    • Most styles meet most local pool codes
    • Matching gates available
    • Many styles also include a steel-reinforced bottom rail for exceptional structural strength
    • Innovative co-extrusion process offers increased durability plus unparalleled protection from discoloration due to damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Exceptional Performance
    • Consistent quality and appearance
    • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Timeless beauty
    • Looks first day beautiful year after year
    • A proprietary texturing process allows Chesterfield privacy fence to deliver a realistic texture



Environmental Concerns

  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance products
  • Completely recyclable products
  • Concern for recycling of materials used
  • Responsible waste management (construction sites and day-to-day operations)


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